Please use the contact form below to send a help request to Glandular Fever Help Services and Gina will reply as soon as she can.

We do hope we can offer you some good help, support and advice to begin to get you back on track again. 

Please be understanding of the service offered, and how Glandular Fever Help Services works: 

See: Questions and Answers : Glandular Fever Help Services


* You don't have to fully commit at this point to using this service - Gina will have fairly lengthy communications before that point. So please go ahead and send an initial help request.


We offer a full personalised service (with on-going support) and ask for minimum donation contributions of £100 for this service.

This service typically includes:

* PERSONALISED COMMENTS AND POINTERS - Individualised recommendations and protocols for you to follow closely. These will be mainly dietary but also include other recommendations for help, where appropriate. Everything will be fully explained. Recommendations will help you to learn how to manage yourself as effectively as possible. This should also help improve confidence levels (in your health and energies) as well as injecting some extra positivity.

- EATING / DIETARY RECOMMENDATIONS: includes lists of foods to include, increase and avoid. Foods to help ‘balance’ and ‘support’ bodily systems often needing extra balancing care and attention after glandular fever: immune, liver, adrenal, digestive. Ideas for breakfasts, lunches, evening meals, snacks and drinks. Other suggestions: including other ideas for help and recommendations as to how to cope with stress (the enemy post glandular fever) and how to start building stamina and fitness again, without pushing yourself too far and encouraging further trouble.


Usually these are ‘individual specific’ – could include research articles Gina thinks would be worth you reading or some more information on a specific symptom/trouble you have or specific therapeutic protocols we feel may help in your individual case. All to help explain why recommendations set in a particular way for your particular GF troubled circumsances.

* HELPFUL INFO AND LINKS DOCUMENT - to make it easy to find any recommendations or further help recommended - these contacts and links have been developed over the years by Gina but also with the help of those who have used this service successfully and given very helpful feedback. They consist of extra helpful suggestions and links/contacts to make it easy as possible to get yourself organised and start working on changes.

* ON-GOING SUPPORT - to support, encourage, advise, tweak recommendations as necessary, and further direct where possible.

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