Glandular Fever Help Services

Questions and answers


How is Glandular Fever Help Services funded?

Glandular Fever Help Services was set up as a vocational endeavour. 

* We are reliant on donations from those we work with. 

* We receive general donations from those who would like to support our cause.

All donations we receive are very important to us and keep Glandular Fever Help Services running. 

What level of donation/contribution is expected?

Any donations of any amount are welcome! If you would like to support our cause please do consider a donation.

For those who decide to pursue our fully personalised service, and work closely with Gina (our Health and Energy Advisor), we ask for minimum donation contributions of £100-£150.
We like to work on an individual basis with those coming through for help and advice. We have learnt from experience that little snippets of advice are not that helpful and provide very limited generalised help. It is very important to consider the bigger picture.

'At Glandular Fever Help Sevices we offer a holistic approach with our personalised help and advice service'.

Who do we take on board?

We only take on those who are willing to work with us on a full personalised service basis, who are seriously interested in helping themselves as much as possible and who also understand that patience and perseverence is very key. It is very much a learning experience for anyone we take on board, as we help individuals to manage their health and energy levels as effectively as possible. We have found this provides a more holistic approach and results in a much higher success rate.

Personalised recommendations and protocols are put together for you to start working with. Over the weeks and months following, we encourage you to check in with updates so Gina can adjust advice where necessary, to try and make sure things keep on track with an aim for the best possible result.


What do recommendations include?

Recommendations are put together by our Health and Energy Advisor, Gina Burton, who has considerable experience, having worked with hundreds of people (from all ages and backgrounds) over the last 20 years who continue to struggle with their health and energy levels post Glandular Fever. 

Gina will have had some fairly lengthy e-mail communication with you before you decide to pursue the full service and before she agrees to take you on board.

After a full assessment of your glandular fever health history she will put together detailed personalised recommendations and protocols to follow. The recommendations will have a backbone of individualised dietary advice alongside individualised therapeutic protocols and further practical suggestions, ideas and directions to consider following. A comprehensive ideal way forward will be recommended.

I'm already doing all the right things to help myself?

A lot of individuals we work with find that having full recommendations put together, even if they think they are doing all the right things, can help them to see exactly what they are doing right - positive affirmations can inject a boosting confidence in managing themselves - "Yes at least I know I'm on the right track there" but "Gina suggested I try adding this in or try cutting that out and she also recommends I try something more unusual to therapeutically help me along the way'. The more you learn the easier it is to self-manage and the more confident you are the more positive you become. Negativity is the absolute enemy of this type of low health and energy scenario so any injection of positivity can only help to entice your body back on track. Gina also acts as a sounding board, somebody who understands what you are going through - this in itself can be helpful when others around you won't really understand.

I think Im quite an unusual case because I'm heavily involved in sport and participate at high levels. Its so important for me to regain my stamina and energy levels quickly so I can return to pre-glandular fever performance levels.

No you're not unusual at all! Over 90% of people coming through to Glandular fever Help Services are of a very sporty /active disposition and most compete at area to national level with more and more people coming through from top pro level.

It's most frustrating that glandular fever doesn't hit the couch potato . . . but unfortunately Epstein Barr Virus seem to love taking hold of a physically stressed body, particularly one that burns candles at both ends and is commonly a very high achiever, academically, also! What makes it  worse is that these are the types who are more likely to continue to struggle afterwards with post glandular fever complications and on-going troubles. Stress, whether it be physical, mental or emotional is the absolute enemy in the on-going post glandular fever scenario and we find that after glandular fever thresholds for overdoing it are very much reduced.
We have much work ahead as we gradually entice the body to get back on track . . . literally back on track with the athletes and cyclists we work with!

I'm already eating the "perfect healthy diet" - so how can Glandular Fever Help Services help me?

Some people do tell Gina they are already eating healthily to help themelves, so they won't be needing advice in that area.

Usually Gina's reply is 'great' but 'do check that you are avoiding the obvious foods for these kinds of on-going post glandular fever troubles'.

Here is a very small sample of the more obvious foods we feel are worth avoiding when struggling with on-going glandular fever troubles.

I take lots of immune boosters to help myself, so I've covered that area too.

This is also commonly reported in to Gina. Here at Glandular Fever Help Services we do believe that an imbalanced / erratic immune system is part and parcel of on-going troubles, post glandular fever. However we don't like to make any assumptions as to whether your immune system has been been left underactive  . . . or indeed overactive. Some research suggests that the immune system can often be left with its foot on the pedal and if this were the case then immune 'boosters' could even be detrimental. The key is to ensure that we aim towards a 'balancing' of a suspected erratic immune system rather than specifically boosting it up of down. Gina will advise on this.