Glandular Fever Help Services: est 1998

      Many individuals we work with:

  • have never felt 100% after glandular fever
  • suffer on-going low levels of post viral fatigue
  • suffer frequent relapses of deep fatigue
  • suffer relapses of glandular fever symptoms
    (even when blood tests show EBV no longer active)
  • suffer on-going post viral fatigue and chronic fatigue
  • want to be as pro-active as possible in enticing their bodies back on track after glandular fever
  • are sporty/active but have never been able to get back in to exercise, fully, after glandular fever without significant negative after-effects.
  • find stress to be a huge problem post glandular fever
  • have experienced a full reactivation of EBV
  • suffer digestive bloating
  • struggle with concentration issues post glandular fever
  • take a long time to recover from colds and similar
  • feel isolated as nobody understands

Here at Glandular Fever Help Services we refer to troubles as: 

"on-going post Glandular Fever Fatigue Syndrome"

or 'Long EBV Glandular Fever'

We see it a lot and this is why we are here to help. To learn how to manage yourself as effectively as possible can really start to help get you back on track.

"To take responsibility and become as pro-active as possible is such an important step. Glandular Fever Help Services can help you on your way and give you back confidence lost when coping with erratic and inconsistent health and energy levels"


Glandular Fever Help Services aim:

"To offer practical help and support in managing health and energies in an on-going post glandular fever troubled state"

Meet Gina:

Health and Energy Advisor


Glandular Fever Help Services

Gina Burton - Glandular Fever Help Services

     On-going troubles often include:

  • on-going fatigue and lethargy
  • unrefreshed sleep
  • recurrent or chronic swollen neck glands
  • aches and pains 
  • brain fag
  • lack of concentration
  • feeling low
  • sensitivity to noise, people or strong smells
  • reduced intolerance to alcohol and coffee
  • not feeling all there
  • digestive imbalance (bloating) 

Levels of energy can fluctuate so that a few good days/weeks may be followed by energy slumps, fatigue, and bad bouts of symptoms. Delayed fatigue is very common in these cases when exercise, excitement and / or stress brings on fatigue a few days after the event. Glandular fever relapse can occur when fatigue and bad bouts of glandular fever symptoms can strike, leaving the body struggling to get back on track again. Sometimes these bad bout take many weeks to overcome.